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Funktion-One distributie voor Belgiƫ

 Pro Light & Sound 2017

The Funktion-One stand this year is still in Hall 3.1 - the stand is E81. Once again Funktion-One will participate on one of the outdoor demo stages - which this year will be in the Agora area referred to as the "Live Sound Arena". They will be demonstrating the full complement of EVO-7T products including the EVO-7TH and the EVO-7TL-215, which are being officially launched at the show. You will have the opportunity of listening to these with the  F221 and the amazing F132 bass. Pro Light and Sound organisers have a fairly rigid timetable of demos in this area - see the flyer showing the location of the demos and the actual times of the Funktion One demos. You might like to save and print a copy of this for your reference at Frankfurt.

Funktion-One flyer ProLight & Sound 2017





On the stand this year we will have a number of new products to show including the BR132 and the complete range of EVO-7T products as well as a the Vero system complete with racks, dollies etc.F132


If you would like to make an appointment to meet us please contact or +32.473.96.11.41.


Please note that the exhibition starts on Tuesday April 4th and ending on Friday April 7th - the hours are now 10am until 6pm.