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Soundsystem makes an impression at Roots of Minimal's 6th Anniversary

The Sixth Anniversary of Roots of Minimal was celebrated in style at Ghent's Art Cube with a host of international artists. In six years' time, the event has grown into an established name in the Belgian music world. Soundsystem was responsible for providing fantastic sound, and for that they received tremendous appreciation from the organisation.

The Roots of Minimal team consists of Jens Van Ruyskensvelde, Arne Van Asbroeck, Ellen De Nys and Thomas Van Orshaegen. And Revolt. In the last several years, they have never failed to impress with several high-quality events. This latest one at the lively Art Cube was no exception. The organisation unveiled its largest production to date, including an impressive lineup with internationally renowned acts such as Gaiser and Pan-Pot along with other talents like AMyn, Koodoo and Mádriko. The Portuguese team at Dub Video Connection provided an unprecedented visual show with a mix of sleek lighting and video imagery via 100-square metre LED screens that were positioned around the space.


Roots Of Minimal's success rests on the consistent musical quality in combination with a fantastic light show, state of the art design and flawless sound. For the latter, Revolt worked with Soundsystem from Oostkamp. The company, which specialises in sound, provided the following setup:

At every event, Soundsystem and Revolt try to achieve better and better sound each time, but this time it was confirmed that the sound (according to Jens Van Ruyskensvelde) was "absolutely the best quality that we have ever had to date."

Soundsystem was also vey satisfied with the successful event. "Working with an organisation like this one is really a pleasure for a company like us. The people at Revolt show that good communication, efficiency, productivity and problem-solving thinking can make a big difference in the end results."

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