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Even though mixers with rotary faders have never stopped existing, they do remain something ‘exotic’ to many DJ’s up until this day. A few have actually played with it, but those who do touch the knobs, are instantly wildly enthusiastic. The knobs automatically take you back to the essence of mixing and give your transitions a more fluent, more precise and more organic sense. For those who wish absolute control while mixing – and a warm, pure sound – these rotary mixers cannot be missed. 

DJR400 by E&S

Jerôme Barbé & DJ Deep have built a modern, compact analog rotary mixer which is moreover easy to transport and has at least the same sound quality as its bigger brothers.

The E&S DJR400 is a mixer which emphasizes the essentials. The integrated crossover isolator gives you complete control of the sound which is sent to the master. Very convenient for travelers wishing to connect their own mixer to the system of the venue they play at.
It’s also possible to add an external effector through the send/return; this mixer was instantly favored by DJ’s such as Floating Points, Tama Sumo, Theo Parrish, Frank Wiedemann (Ame), Gilles Peterson,… but also our Belgian Quincy Steveninck (Age of Love) is the proud owner of this powerful piece of equipment. 

Meanwhile we have several models for rent and in store for sale.
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MP2015 by Rane

The feel of a classic rotary mixer combined with technological possibilities which every progressive DJ expects nowadays. This is the vision integrated by Rane in the MP2015. The Rane MP2015 is a 4-channel DJ mixer for high end audio systems, especially designed for high- resolution audio sources. It is perfectly suitable for playing vinyl and non- compressed files such as WAV or FLAC. Provided with three-way sweep filters, dual 24-channel USB soundcards, three-band main mix isolator and a submix- channel. With the MP2015 Rane has set a new industry standard regarding sound, features, liability and durability.  Soundsystem has the MP2015 for rent.


MODEL 6700 & MODEL 9000 by Alpha Recording System

This Japanese manufacturer of high end analog DJ equipment has not been resting on his laurels. Besides custom- made mixers for DJ’s such as David Morales, DJ Harvey, DJ Spinna & Funk D’Void Alpha Recording System is launching 2 new models. 

Model 6700 offers 6 channels with each a separate 3-band isolator and a 5-band EQ on the master. 

Model 9000 is a more compact version with four channels, also a lo, mid & hi isolator per channeland 3-band isolator on the master. 

Both models have an Effect Loop (send & return) to connect external effects. 

MODEL 3500 & MODEL 5000 by Alpha Recording System

Do you want more sound control? You will with the Alpha Recording System 3band or 5band isolator/eq. Where a regular EQ can only handle a limited frequency range the crossover allows you to completely influence the sound. A bass cut you can never equal with the standard EQ on your mixer. Entirely removing or boosting the middle? Emphasizing the high which allows your break to maximally impact the crowd? Then meet your ideal weapon.

FF4000 / FF6000 by Funktion-One & Formula Sound

In the meantime the sound quality of Funktion-One is well known. In order for this to be fully appreciated Funktion-One, together with Formula Sound, has developed the FF4000 and FF6000, available with linear faders as in rotary version. This mixer has extensive possibilities such as assigning each channel to the A or B- group to manipulate through the cross-fader.But also external effects (through Send/Return) are selected like this per channel. An ideal combination with the Alpha Recording System isolator Model 3500 or other devices. Contact us for detailed information or when interested in our prices.

Rotary and linear fader versions are both available for rent at 

NEW: Vinyl Record Disc Stabilizer

Just when you’re about to mix in a new record, the needle skips off the record… undoubtedly the most frustrating feeling which every DJ doesn’t wish to experience. This can happen while bumping into the table, strong winds or with old and thin records, despite the fact there is no dust present. Especially for these cases a professional vinyl weight is the solution. Our new Disc Stabilizers have been expertly crafted from high quality stainless steel with a subtle grasp and a tight design. 

This is a unique gift for the holidays or birthdays which can additionally be engraved with a personal text or image. 
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Purchase price € 99.00 for a set of 2 in a wooden box.
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