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Funktion-One distributie voor België

Mirano Continental with Maitre Gims

Funktion-One Club installation: 

  • Dancefloor: 4 x EVO-6E / 4x BR218 
  • VIP: 2 x Resolution 2
  • DJ: 2 x F101 + BR115

Powered by MC² amps E-series & processing by XTA DC1048

Nächtvøgels 2-12-16

Funktion-One EVO-6E / F118 / Res2SH

Bozar Nights 2016

BEAF16 - Bozar Electronic Arts Festival

WeCanDance 2016

Space Safari 2016

all sound for this new Festival (3 areas)

25y Cherry Moon at Lotto Arena

Listen! 2016 aftermovie

Uitlichten & PA tegelbeurs ACVK

8Y Age Of Love at Artcube Ghent